July 22nd, Global Day of Action Against Open Pit Mining

On July 22nd, the Antimining Coordinating Network Abya-Yala (Americas) held demonstrations across Turtle Island, in solidarity with simultaneous protests in Mexico, El Salvador and Argentina.  The Toronto protest was sponsored by CAMES [Canadians Against Mining in El Salvador], CSRT [Community Solidarity Response Toronto], the Guatemala Community Network and the Latin American Solidarity Network.

Following up on last year’s protest in Toronto, which focused on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Cerro de San Pedro Mine in Mexico, this year’s protest took on Goldcorp, whose operations in Central America have led to the assassinations of activists, contamination of water, and theft of indigenous land. See Allan Lissner’s excellent photo essay on the effects of Goldcorp in Guatemala here.

The protest took on a corporate zombie theme, with activists drinking contaminated water and turning into Goldcorpse.

Don't drink the Goldcorpse contaminated water! (photo by Christian Peña)

Or you'll turn into a corporate zombie! Braaaains! Prooofits! (photo: Andrew Moran)

The network also held protests or meetings in Montreal with FAO Montreal, El Salvador, Argentina, Mexico, and Ottawa.

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